Baby Leopards

Baby Cheetahs

Ocelot :)

Baby Clouded Leopard by Jaguarov


This six-week old Bengal kitten weighs 1.5 lbs. and is 10 generations from the non-domestic source cat. Originally developed from crosses between the domestic cats and the Asian Leopard Cat, the Bengal is the only domestic cat that can have rosettes like the markings on Leopards, Jaguars and Ocelots, the International Cat Association says. (Libbie Kerr)

Levitating leopard by Ashley Vincent on 500px

Baby Lion and Ocelot-I can't handle the cuteness!

A baby leopard and a baby jaguar.

Baby Lion

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Chaton Asian léopard

I love him

Mountain Lion Cub

Extreme Cuteness!

help save the elephants so this little one gets to stay with his/her mom. She's vulnerable to poachers.

baby=) one day I'll be there