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Outdoors: Modern Townhouse Garden Roundup

a single bulb of the yellow-throated flower set off a frenzy on eBay the other day, attracting dozens of bidders before it sold to British seed company Thompson & Morgan for a record £725

The obsession that keeps Harald Enders awake at night is this: What if there's a rose lurking in your garden—or more likely, your grandmother's garden—that is

Day 7: the two different hyacinths, tulips, & the cherry still hanging in there. By Day 6, The tulips & grape hyacinths were gone. Day 8 the reg. hyacinths also gone. Longest lasting winner: Cherry branch - 2 weeks!

tulips ; belgium ; ronald van der hilst ; gardenista - Use green as a backdrop. Mown lawns and closely clipped green shrubs have the same effect as a velvet lining in a jewelry box. Everything else you plant will pop out like a diamond displayed on rich fabric.