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  • Justyna Michalska

    Edie Sedgwick. Photo Jerry Schatzberg, 1966.

  • Kathleen Gonzalez

    Factory Girl Andy Warhol

  • Jenny Wade Koederitz

    Me in another life... In 1965, Edie Sedgwick, a gamine girl from Cambridge by way of California, stepped into Andy Warhol’s world. She roamed the City with thick kohl rimmed eyes; a bleach-blonde pixie cut; bold brows; barely there hemlines; a leotard paired with opaque tights; and chandelier earrings. No one had ever seen a look like this before, and Edie is credited with establishing the beatnik, swinging 60s, downtown style.

  • Rachel Peterson

    Edie Sedgwick. Black tights, short hair, big earrings, I love it!

  • Pupixel Studio

    Edie Sedgwick: poor little rich girl #ediesedgwick

  • Maria Sofia

    Jerry Schatzberg Eddie Sedgwick, Superstar, 1966 Fashion Pictures Inter'l

  • Laura Miley

    Edie Sedgwick's Photos by Andy Warhol

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Edie Sedgwick "I went to a party once, and there was a palm reader there and when she looked at my hand, she just froze. And I said to her "I know. My lifeline is broken. I know I won't live past thirty." --Factory Girl

Edie Sedgwick trevskibiznasty-tumblr

Edie Sedgwick in Andy Warhol's silver Factory, mid-1960's. May her ever-youthful and inspiring spirit rest in peace.

Edie Sedgwick in her backless stripe leotard

Edie Sedgwick.Flat Rate Airport Taxi service to/from Midway Airport and O'hare Airport.www.midwa...

Edie Sedgwick. (distant cousin to Kyra Sedgwick) Had a relationship with Bob Dylan at one time. Said to have inspired the song "Just Like a Woman" and more. Raised in a very prominent family that had more than it's share of problems. Interesting story if you look her up on Wiki. She died of an overdose at 28 years old in 1971.

Thanks eds, I'm cutting my dress up to look like this

Edie Sedgewick - Leotards as cocktail attire? Why not? Immortal gamine goddess...I can't pull off her exact look but I credit her with my obsesssion with black eyeliner, stripes, and opaque tights!

if I was ever lucky enough to have a little girl I will call her Edie - like Edie Sedgwick and my grandmother...