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A dead little girl surrounded by her dolls. Placing a child in a chair as if they had fallen asleep amongst their favorite toys was a common tableau in Victorian Momento Mori.

a lost baby


mexican men with deceased children, dia de los muertos

Belgium 1940

A mid-twentieth century snapshot showing an infant in a white coffin lying in the snow.

Post Mortem Young Girl Savannah MO Cabinet Card Photo Silver Gelatin


Post Mortem Photography: Baby Nugent by Antique Photo Album, via Flickr

ca. 1855, [post mortem portrait of a gentleman]

Post mortem or not post mortem, that is the question…

Post Mortem Photography - Virtual Teen Forums

victorian post-mortem photos

Victorian post mortem photo

Post Mortem Photography

post mortem photography. wow

Post mortem

Post Mortem woman

A particularly beautiful young girl laid out in the parlor, circa 1910. It was not uncommon to dress dead young girls in what looked like a wedding veil and dress to symbolize their purity as they go to 'meet God'.

Early post mortem, probably no later than 1860, and looks to be privately produced. There are no publisher markings or any sort of description on it which you'd normally find on commercially-staged genre stereoviews.


Photo of family gathering... dead child is on the floor

Just heartbreaking

Postmortem girl, Victorian.

Postmortem portrait of a girl, ca.1900.