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Emma McFarline | Inspired by urban graffiti

Teal and white silver pendant

Broche blanche - White brooch Céline Charuau

Necklace | Heejin Hwang. Steel wire, enamel

Anna Lorich “White edge earrings” / Electroformed copper, enamel, 14k gold.

Edinburgh College of Art (BA) Edinburgh (UK) - HEATHER MCDERMOTT-UK- brooch IV45 8RN 2010, white metal, copper, enamel, resin, cubic zirconia, steel 170 x 145 x 70 mm

Panel Brooch (2011) White metal, brass, steel. 72x66x30mm

Fekete Reka brooch, 2010 zinc, iron wire, shrinking plastic

Jasper Pendant Wire Wrapped in Copper

Eve Margus-Villems, Papaver brooch, engraved horn, jade, silver, white gold

Allison Ullmer. Frame #2 brooch, 2006. Sterling silver, white gold, high gel medium, acrylic

Vera Siemund, brooch, 2012, Brooch, enamelled copper, steel - mounted, enamelled, sawn - 60 x 100 x 45 mm - lamp shape outside blue, inside white basin like, covered with a steel lace

Jess Dare Brooch: Xylem Series 2013 White powder coated brass and sterling silver, stainless steel

CAROLINA GIMENO-CHILE/SE- "Llangkün" Pendant. Copper, vitreous enamel, silver. 100 x 82 x 69 mm, chain: 500 mm.

Han-Chieh Chuang 莊涵絜 Red Brick brooch#6 紅磚系列胸針#6 silver, copper, enamel, paper, gold foil, steel wire 925銀, 銅, 琺琅, 春聯紙, 不鏽鋼, 金箔

made of silver, brass, copper and gold. by emma price

sushi cloisonne enamel brooches

"Blue Silo and White Barn" Sterling silver, copper, enamel, nickel

Vera Siemund - Necklace, 2013, enamelled copper, steel mounted, enamelled, sawn, handmade chain - 220 x 300 x 40, one element 60 x 100 x 40 mm - blue lamp-shades, inside white like a basin, one shape covered with a sawn lace ornament

copper & enamel