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    Citra, Far Cry 3

    Citra, Far Cry 3

    I want to cosplay as this version of Lara Croft I love how proportionate her waist to hip ratio are now

    Far Cry 3: The Vaas That Never Was - IGN

    VASS... seriously awesome Far Cry art .O. Yissss -Will

    ass pinup art | gta v poster by brandonarseneault fan art digital art painting ...

    Kingdom Hearts trios

    I did that in Skyrim, Far Cry 3, and Fallout ♥

    Worbla Tests - Making Worbla Smooth We did some testing with Worbla, Gesso, Mod Podge Spray Sealer, and Plasti-Dip. (a more detailed post on...

    I don't want to DIE!

    The Seven Guardians Of Light | Sora, Kairi, Riku, Ven, Aqua, Lea, King Mickey | Kingdom Hearts

    Far Cry 4...Yeah!

    Far Cry 4: Crouching tiger, hidden Blood Dragon - videogamedemons.c...

    I think this is official artwork for Kingdom Hearts but I could be wrong....

    Red Dead Redemption - favourite game and Rockstar did fantastic design work.

    Far Cry 4 - PAGAN MIN, Anthony Guebels on ArtStation at

    Tomb Raider by ~zbush on deviantART

    The Sirens of Borderlands, jack said there are 6 at a time. With 2 dead that means there's 2 babies, but still 2 missing -Fifi Voss

    this changes everything

    Samus Aran