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Dune lolcated

"I are Dune cat. I controls the spice! I controls the Universe!" Ok I generally avoid cutsie animals, but can't resist this one :)

Frank Herbert's quote on Learning from DUNE #dune #scifi #goodbooks

Result of society telling them so and denying them role models! And the educational system failing to teach to all learners. // Frank Herbert's quote on Learning from DUNE

Shai-Hulud will always win. Ride the Maker.

12 Awesome Pop-Cultural Charts - I pinned this just for the sandworm chart. Shai-hulud, may his passing cleanse the earth!

Dune Frank Herbert Introduced by Michael Dirda Illustrated by Sam Weber Afterword by Brian Herbert

The Folio Society is doing the anniversary deluxe edition of Frank Herbert's Dune, created by Sam Weber.

*snort* The Spice must flow...

The awesomely-named Viking metal band Harkonnen Knife Fight shared this improved sign! It was good of the Bene Gesserit (or, you know, overzealous Frank Herbert fans) to add this note – you c…