1st and 5th all the way.

Dance things

you know your a dancer when | Tumblr @Megan Maxwell Ingwerson this is so you!

Dancer Problems

You know you're a dancer when...

Dancer problems

Dancer Water Bottle

Dancer Problems! every real dancer has them

Ballet dancer - What people think I do, What I really do

I NEED THIS! OMG!!!!!!!!!! Athlete + Artist = Dancer

Little Dance Things #21 (Cuz it's cooler than standing up! Duh!)

Only dancers will get this :) LOL!

i still naturally stand in first, second, or fourth.

Dance is a sport!! #dance #dancer #dancers #beautiful #funny

very true:) #dance #dancer #dancers #funny #life #problems

Kirov Academy of Ballet. "People have asked me why I chose to be a dancer. I did not choose. I was chosen to be a dancer, and with that, you live all your life. ~ Martha Graham. Photo by Paolo Galli. #ballet #inspiration #quotes

You know you're a dancer when..


This is good for drawing