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  • Amber Dimas

    Lord, I pray for my baby girl who has yet to be tainted by worldly expectations. Father, I pray that the women in this generation will set the bar much higher than this. That we will take on the sort of lasting beauty only You can craft into us. Mold us more and more into your Son Jesus that we may lead these baby girls well. It is only by your grace. Rise up a generation of Woman who love and follow hard after you. May we be the sort of Women we want our daughters to be. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  • Mallory Allison

    Don't let children think like this. The insecurities of society are harsh and tainted. Teach children their beauty is unique and infinite, keeping their self image clean and pure <3

  • Elyse Hessley

    15 Tips for Raising Kids With a Positive Body image. Interesting article.. never let a little girl think the numbers on the scale are anywhere equal to what her beauty is

  • Ang N

    I want my daughters to have healthy body images...

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Curvy is the new black. We all need to do this and stop the hate speak of women bodies that is prevelant in the media

This scares the hell out of me. Kenz watches my meal prep and workouts and Im constantly telling her that its not important to be skinny its important to be HEALTHY. Really hope what I say sinks in before what she sees in our society does.

smilingchaos: Please, reblog this! In a world of EDs, thinspirations, self-harming people and where most people don’t feel good inside of their bodies, This has to be a constant reminder!

  • Shawn Silva

    This is very difficult for me. I don't like who or what I see in the mirror. :(

  • odette

    Then you are not clearly seeing or there is something very wrong with you eyes because everything has beauty and i am sure that you have a lot to offer if you just believe in yourself and put aside all the stupidities people may say or the negative things you see in yourself. Even if at the beginning you don't agree with it, put yourself in front of the mirror and just say "i am beautiful, unique and authentic" and within a couple of days repeating that and putting or forcing yourself to stop the negative thinking you will see how everything will change and you will love every aspect of yourself and understand that EVERYONE has imperfections but they just accept themselves and see all the good things they have and all the beauty that is within and outside of them.

  • Rose Tennant

    What you just said was beautiful, Odette. Absolutely wonderful...

  • odette

    Thank You :D

  • Ariana Chiarelli

    Lovely words, odette. :)

Weightless is a great blog about discovering - or rediscovering - a HEALTHY relationship with one's body - which has little to do with reaching an "ideal" weight (whatever that is.)

8 tips for raising kids who love reading

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  • imeon design

    I especially like the last one because this is what I'm also trying to teach my son.

  • Donna 'Schaefer' Graves

    Love this, cleaning is my go to when I'm angry & I do it well : ) Thanks for this!

Raising kids

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  • Matthew Havlicek

    Hello Zina Harrington Can I be invited to this board please? :) Thank you so much! I love this board! ♥

Tips for making your child confident --- to have a great self esteem!

Why a Mom's Body Image Matters to Her Sons - a boy's world is as shaped by his mother's view of herself, just like a girl's is. A great reminder!

  • vfrey

    Angela, just tell your son you wear makeup because you like to. It's simple. And that some people dont wear makeup bc they dont like to. It's just a personal choice! :)

  • katesome

    Yeah I only do special occasions too, or big work stuff, but nearly all the women I know, all of them good strong feminist women, wear it daily. It doesn't bother me one way or the other what women do with their faces.

  • Angela Briton

    As you can see by my profile I'm quite... plain! Plain hair, plain face. I feel make up makes at least something a bit different. I'm not willing to disclose that to my 8 year old son though, because he could end up with a complex.

  • Angela Briton

    thanks vfrey, I'll use that one!

  • Angela Briton

    I think mine was sparked for insecurity reasons, but became mostly habit.

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