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upheld by the Supreme Court

What sick socialist bastard would want to provide FREE healthcare to the poor? THAT sick bastard.

Not going to dumb myself down so they can understand and dream up "alternative facts" just to prove their ignorance.

IRONY IS DEAD: MIKE PENCE GOES TO COURT TO BLOCK HIS EMAILS FROM BEING RELEASED TO PUBLIC | Until recently, Mike Pence was known as the governor whose hatred towards gay people burned so hot that he lost his state of Indiana millions of dollars in business in order to legalize the discrimination of the LGBT community. Now he’s known as the future Vice President...

How Many Planned Parenthood Donations Came From 'Mike Pence' Planned Parenthood Has Already Received Donations From ‘Mike Pence’

The irony is lost on morons.

Don't Forget To Hate Refugees As You Set Nativity Scene Celebrating A Middle Eastern Couple Desperately Looking For Shelter_truth hurts

Republicans at work. Although, Trump's budget cuts funding for childcare for service members, so I don't know if you could really say that they love the troops. I think it's more that they love the idea of them.

Substitute "The Koch bros' Political agenda" for the word republicans.

Started with Regan and it's gone out of control since then. Both Dems and Repubs.   But the Republicans are suppose to be the party of fiscal responsibility?

The term Republican Fiscal Responsibility has all the validity of a Sarah Palin TED Talk.

Piece of shits who actually believed republicans would make anything great...liar... liaaaaars

Evils of Fox "News" Shameful Republican +Fox propaganda. LYING to the Ignorant Sheeple!