FDA probes link between food dyes and children's behavior.

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How Food Affects Behavior. Think it doesn't? You need to read this post.

Children's behavior

Stop eating food dyes! Are food dyes contributing to your child's behavior problems? If your kid has behavior issues, it might just be that Red 40 or Yellow 5 they had for breakfast this morning.

Lovely website on modifying your own behavior in order to change your children's behavior.

How to balance child behavior with diet from www.kulamama.com

Printable Children's Behavior Discipline Chart $6.00 in my shop

Lesson about identifying bullying behaviors vs. mean, teasing, or conflict behaviors.

Have you ever wondered if your child’s behavior is truly a behavior issue or does there seem to be a sensory issue going on? Many times it is hard to to tell if behavior is truly a behavior or if your child is reacting to sensory problems in their body. | A great series exploring these questions from @Heather Creswell Creswell Creswell Creswell Creswell Creswell Creswell @ Golden Reflections Blog

Raising Einstein? Me, neither. But that's okay; we can still boost our kids' brains by feeing them good-for-their-brain foods.Because, did you know that food affects both a child's behavior and ability to learn? Read Full Post

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Super Behaviors Deserve Super Visuals-several visuals for kids with behavioral challenges. From If Only I Had Super Powers. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

Kids Clip Chart - Behavior Management product from Amy-Alvis on TeachersNotebook.com

How to make DIY Cookie Sheet Chore Charts + link to Free Printable. Cheap, easy way to get kids motivated to help out with the family chores!

French Kids Eat Everything (great book review on French culture vs American culture when it comes to eating habits)

Big art projects are fun but everyday activities are simpler. How many of these 75 activities for 3 year olds have you done with your kids?

How To Handle Kids Who Won’t Do Their Homework or Chores

Add these funny books for kids to your summer reading list.

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