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  • Cindy Simpson

    Make 3D letters using wax paper, Dawn, hot glue gun and spray paint. So cool.

  • Ryan Lucia

    DIY 3-D Lettering. Print words in preferred font & size. Place wax paper over print & apply thin coat of dish detergent diluted with tiny bit of water. Trace outline of letters on wax paper with glue gun. Let glue dry. Carefully pull letters off paper. Paint 3D letters & glue to project with small amount of hot glue. That's it! Amazing!

  • Aymara Cantillo

    PitterAndGlink: Give Thanks Art Tutorial for 3 D lettering

  • Fiona Wilson

    PitterAndGlink: Give Thanks Art how to create 3D lettering that can be painted or used in 3d embroidery

  • Peco Stegall

    tutorial for 3d lettering - so neat!!! For spell books

  • karen didion

    tutorial for 3d lettering Print word, put wax paper over the top of word, cover with dawn dish soap and a little water, trace letter with hot glue. Paint if you want

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Create 3D Letters- Place wax paper over desired printed word. Cover wax paper with a thin layer of dish detergent mixed with a tiny bit of water. Trace the letter outline with glue gun. After the glue dries, carefully pull letters off of the paper. Paint letters and apply to your craft.

making letters with hot glue gun: wax paper, glue gun, dish soap, and printed words. Place the wax paper over the printed word, cover wax paper with thin layer of dish soap mixed with a tiny bit of water. Trace the letter outline with glue gun. After glue dries, peel off lettering...paint in any color.

3D PRINTABLE LETTERS- Print & Fold-Great idea for a party, holiday decor or a kids bedroom! (Printable Download button is to the far right of page)

Make your own Architectural Letters.. could do the word CREATE for above cabinets. Good summer project

homemade wax seal... looks like some work... but its cool.

White wax seal over string with a tiny sprig of lavender - white printed paper wrap: Love the wax seal idea for wedding invitations!

initial/name letter craft#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Hand drawn monogrammed - the Letter G

tutorial for 3d lettering -- love the site wax paper over lettering, rub on liquid dish detergent thinned with some water, trace letters with glue gun... Does this really work?

Make your own Architectural Letters–Designing and constructing a 3-D letter. Instead of wet, messy adhesive, you’ll be using paper packing tape to create a papier mache effect. Inexpensive and easy to use, it creates finished letters that are hard and durable. @ Pin Your Home

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Hot glue trinkets that look expensive and will likely win you acalades from your loved ones.: This works perfectly! Make sure you use this silicone molds, not super cheap ones or they will melt and stick to the hot glue.