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Paracord Lanyard Project: This is an easy project that I think some boys I know are really going to love. What boy doesn't need a little cord now and then for his adventures?

Paracord Lanyard Project - basically a survival bracelet. Will give you 10 ft of paracord.

How to make / tie wrist paracord lanyard with the Snake Knot ( Tutorial ) - YouTube

Knife paracord loops How to make / tie wrist paracord lanyard with the Snake Knot ( Tutorial )

DIY 4 Strand Paracord Braid

DIY 4 Strand Paracord Braid

Shark Jaw Bone bracelet - The Art of Survival Bracelets | My Scout Stuff

Piranha stitch paracord survival bracelet in purple and black br br This fantastic bracelet can be taken apart in an emergency where cord is needed This bracelet will yield approx

Doubled center stitched paracord bracelet. Stormdrane is a paracord boss!

Olive drab paracord bracelet with a single strand of black cord doubled as it was center stitched.


This instructable will show how to make a paracord lanyard using the cross knot and snake knot. The lanyard can be used as a wallet chain, to secure a key chain,.

How to make a paracord axe handle wrap - this looks so complicated, but I like the final product

How to make a paracord axe handle wrap - Paracord guild (could also be used with lucet cord, or leather lacing maybe?

Paracord canteen cover tied mostly with basic square knotting/macrame type knot work.

Paracord canteen cover, Flat Pack Canteen from County Comm. Mostly done with basic square knotting/macrame knot work, with finishing up the bottom causing quite a bit of consternation, settling with some sewing to end it. feet of paracord used.

Paracord Suvival Bracelet--great gift idea for an outdoorsman

paracord survival bracelet for the zombie apocalypse *Brent has worn the crap out of his. I have learned that the craft paracord is crap. get the good stuff at the camping supply stores.

Celtic Button Knot tutorial.  Great for bracelet makers.

This video will show how to tie a Celtic Button Knot, using a length of paracord for the demonstration. The 'Celtic Button Knot' looks similar to the 'Lanyard.