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  • Doug Haley

    Rare Photos: Hitler's Bunker, Captured by LIFE Photographer - LIFE

  • Elizabeth Shardelow

    Not published in LIFE. An American soldier, PFC Douglas Page, offers a mocking Nazi salute inside the bombed-out ruins of the Berliner Sportspalast, or Sport Palace. The venue, destroyed during an Allied bombing raid in January 1944, was where the Third Reich often held political rallies.

  • Philip Wilson

    After the Fall: Photos of Hitler’s Bunker and the Ruins of Berlin | An American soldier mimics Adolf Hitler in the bombed ruins of the Berliner Sportspalast 1945

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Propaganda images like this one can often warp our intepretation of history. Although children certainly served in the latter period of the Second World War, we should remember that it was extremely rare for a child of under 10 years of age to serve (which this kid seems to be).

While Helen Fairchild is one of the lesser-known figures in nursing history, she is one of the most important. She was a nurse in the World War I, volunteering for the American Expeditionary Force that helped over 2,000 fallen soldiers. Unfortunately, her time was cut short due to a mustard gas bombing & a severe ulcer.

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