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  • Doug Haley

    Rare Photos: Hitler's Bunker, Captured by LIFE Photographer - LIFE

  • Herman Hendricks

    “An American soldier, PFC Douglas Page, offers a mocking Nazi salute inside the bombed-out ruins of the Berliner Sportspalast, or Sport Palace. The venue, destroyed during an Allied bombing raid in January 1944, was where the Third Reich often held political rallies.” (Time-Life/Getty)

  • Kima Bene

    After the Fall: Photos of Hitler’s Bunker and the Ruins of Berlin | An American soldier mimics Adolf Hitler in the bombed ruins of the Berliner Sportspalast 1945

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The Battle of Berlin rages on but this German soldier needs to take a break. Behind him the Reichstag building is in flames but he would care less. April 1945.

The moment a German soldier is hit by enemy fire, Ukraine, c. 1943

Elderly German man sitting in ruins, Berlin... ~ moving moment in time captured

Audie Murphy, most decorated u.s. soldier from wwii

Moving American WWII propaganda poster depicting a departing soldier hugging his child, with the slogan "Sacrifice: the privilege of free men"

Robert Capa - Chartres, France, August 18th, 1944: Just after the liberation of the town, this French woman who had had a baby with a German soldier has her head shaved as punishment. During the middle ages, this mark of shame, denuding a woman of what was supposed to be her most seductive feature, was commonly a punishment for adultery. Shaving women's heads as a mark of retribution and humiliation was reintroduced in the 20th century and was widespread post WW2.

While Helen Fairchild is one of the lesser-known figures in nursing history, she is one of the most important. She was a nurse in the World War I, volunteering for the American Expeditionary Force that helped over 2,000 fallen soldiers. Unfortunately, her time was cut short due to a mustard gas bombing & a severe ulcer.

Women reading a news article about Victory over Japan (VJ) Day, August 1945.

Canadian soldiers celebrating V-E Day, Piccadilly Circus, London, England, 8 May 1945. #vintage #1940s #WW2

The remains of the church in which 247 women and 205 children were trapped and killed by the Nazis. The middle window behind the altar is the one through which the only survivor Marguerite Rouffanche escaped

Benazir Bhutto (born 1953, assassinated 2007) as an Oxford University student in 1973. She served as the 11th Prime Minister of Pakistan in two non-consecutive terms.

maureen dunlop de popp: a pioneering female pilot (world war II) became a cover girl sensation ... proving women could be fearless as well as glamorous - and integral to the war effort.