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How many of these did you throw away? We always seemed to have at least 10 laying around.

Exhibit 51. MINESWEEPER 1990. Minesweeper was a standard feature of Windows from 1992 to 2012. More than just a game, in the early days of the graphical user interface, it taught people how to use a mouse. While Solitaire demonstrated the art of dragging and dropping, Minesweeper demonstrated the two-button mouse, left-click to clear a mine, right-click to place a flag. Pre-installed on more than a billion PC’s, Minesweeper is one of the most played computer games of all time.


Who else played this?

Used to play this with my mom at restaurants while waiting for our food <3

The rubber glue tip (for dabbing glue on things) would get hard with glue and you would have to try to get the dried glue off the opening after each use.

80&#39;s childhood-memories - Bracelet Pens.These were awesome until they popped open and drew all over your outfit

Etsyfrom Etsy

Vintage Fisher Price activity center 1973

totally had this!

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15 Things About The Telephone You Will (Probably) Never Experience Again

The best thing ever!

I remember playing MASH on the playground at school nearly every day! *LOVE*

My absolute favorite game growing up. My parents prob bought me 10 of these over the course of the years because I always broke/lost the fish. :)

When I would stay at my dad's house on the weekends he would say to me you better go get you bath so you don't miss Rescue 911. Loved it!!