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    i'm not even gonna try to deny's like ya i know the answer but no i don't know WHY.

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    I actually get B's on my report cards and I don't know why:/ Everything I do is A

    teenager post #100

    admit it, you've raised your hand to answer the obvious question so you don't get called on later

    So true!

    hahahaha so true

    Teenager Posts---so freakin true

    Teenager Posts:)

    I need to make board all about these Teenager Posts(:

    lol... so gonna make this argument

    Music Stands

    Hahaha #oboestforever an this is so accurate I'm like wait me? The oboe player?really?r u serious?

    Teenager Posts- my math teacher's answer to when do we use algebra in life "it's a waste of time and you'll never use it, ever". Anna May lover

    teenager post #3532. Oh my....words do not describe how true this is.

    I used to hate to ask a question or especially if the teacher had to come to my desk. I wanted to crawl under a rock. I was so dumb. I would blush sometimes too. SMH. I don't know why? When I got on stage to sing, I was never nervous!

    soo true

    Teenage post? I don't think so Cuz I can totally relate and I aint no teenager lol


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