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    an old cd case to store/transport bagel sanwiches so they don't get squished/fall apart

    Killing fruit flies (*good to know ... just in case!)

    How To Store Salad Greens

    Make Earring Stand from an Old CD

    I'm not sure why I don't have one

    Great tip for painting! So genius!


    store cables in CD spindles

    Meat Bagels ~ A meat bagel is meat formed into a bagel shape and consumed like a bagel. It’s the perfect paleo bagel! {recipe}

    Cut up an old CD and glue to clear ornament. The lights of the tree reflect off the surfaces beautifully. AND other ornament ideas!

    Just in case

    Cool way to store and dispense pancake batter -- can make all sorts of cool pancake designs! genius!

    DIY ice pack made from 2 cups of DAWN and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. Use the good ziplock bags- one inside of another with one zipper side down inside the other with the zip on top. Loosely wrap in a thin dishtowel or into a old pillow case. It freezes nearly solid but becomes maleable quickly. Don't use on bare skin without a cover- they are really, really cold. to replace a cracked iphone screen for under $10.00... Just in case I ever need to.

    Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store to ripen slower

    upside down command hook-hang a wreath on a cabinet or outside storm door- genius!

    Things you don't know, but ought to.

    Don't pitch it, fix it. A little rubbing alcohol is all you need.

    I don't understand the duck picture that goes with every tip, but the tips are great!

    Great idea...a pool noodle as a wreath form. Cheap $ store find.

    Use a sunglasses case to store cords and cables in your bag. Genius.