I've been dieting ALL morning. AM I SKINNY YET???

Healthy meal #healthy #meals

Ha ha ha...never thought of this, but oh, so true!

Fifty Shades of Grey




Hahahahaha. No but seriously.

Might want to reconsider.

Funny Confession Ecard: I refuse to lose weight because it wouldn't be fair to all the skinny girls if I were this good-looking, intelligent, funny, awesome AND thin. It's a public service, really. Yeah that's me ;)

Oh yes!

Lol def how spinning feels

Funny Friendship Ecard: I am just going to keep calling and texting you until you understand how normal I am.

I'd do anything to lose 10lbs, except eat healthy and work out.


haha so horrible, but so true. where's my millionaire husband?

prolly not gonna happen

true story.