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arquiteturapessoal: Book Tower by chig.sculpture on Flickr.

Time for #FridayReads! Since Saturday is the anniversary of the...

I can literally smell the delicious, musty scent from these books through my phone. I ❤️ books.

...not quite sure what this is supposed to be... But I know what it reminds me this where baby books come from?

Orifice Tower by Wayne Chisnall | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Antique books with locks - makes you think there is something worth protecing in them.

I walk out of the library with this many books and some random stranger says: "Are you going to READ all those?!" Really? what else would I do with them?

"The Book Exchange," by GmanViz, via Flickr -- From the tags, this appears to be in Lancaster, Ohio.

Untitled, 2011 © Katie KING (Photographer, Student. Macon, Georgia) aka {katie}, via Flickr ... Keep attribution & artist site link when repinning or reposting. The LAW requires the copyright holder be credited." per wiki. COPYRIGHT LAW REQUIREMENTS: HOW TO FIND the ORIGINAL WEB SITE of an image:

wayne chisnall - an eco-art and sustainability discussion as well as an excellent opportunity to do art in this style as usually finding pieces of toys is as easy as finding a garage sale or thrift store for inexpensive toys... Also this could be a lesson on over commercialization and marketing to children and parents to the point land fills are full of this stuff.