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What if male comic book characters posed like female comic book characters? Ahahahahaha I'm dead.

Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and Ruk (Ted Cassidy) - Star Trek: The Original Series "What are Little Girls Made Of?" (First Broadcast: October

Epic conclusion of twilight [Insert evil laugh]

Funny pictures about The conclusion to the saga. Oh, and cool pics about The conclusion to the saga. Also, The conclusion to the saga.

no cell phone signal - totally relatable

When you're phone has no signal and you go all Lion King on it. haha yep, I do this all the time. I never have signal in my house. At least I'll have fun doing it now.

The Avengers Black and White... Hoooh boy. Would love to have a poster of this!

Signed Avengers Poster (Certificate of Authenticity Included)

Old Hollywood Avengers: A little black tie, a little witty repartee.and a lot of explosions. <<< The villain, the prince, & the hero are really hot from those angles. Especially the hero

I'm not a New York fan by any means, but this has so many things that make me laugh. The space that is made because Idaho is shaped funny, the space before the "real south", and fatties/Packer fans. Aaahahaha and Mormons. I love this.

The Map Of America As Seen By A New Yorker

Funny pictures about The USA as seen by a New Yorker. Oh, and cool pics about The USA as seen by a New Yorker. Also, The USA as seen by a New Yorker.

For every super-hero out there!

Art This is going to be my future child = Batman ! The most important thing in life is to be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman! Inspirational Quotes inspiration-quotes-etc

Shit no one says. literally peeing my pants

Have you ever heard someone say "can I burn a copy of your Nickelback CD?" or "my Bazooka gum still has flavor! The latest installment of the "Sh*t [insert .

You've never heard of vasculitis? Join the club, my doctor hasn't either.

Obama voters are the reason we have to put directions on shampoo.

Two Thors!!!! I just died

This would be funny if Thor actually had a stunt double. Thor is a god and doesn't need peasants to stunt for him! *sob* its like my whole life is a lieeeeee