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One of the primary benefits of regular stretching is that it can help prevent muscular imbalances.

Across the board, interval training has plenty of benefits. From fat loss, maintaining muscle, helping to strengthen aerobic and anaerobic metabolism personal trainers have prescribed this kind of training to their clients as well as the average gym goer.

If you’re exercising to lose weight, adding interval training to your program will help you burn more calories.

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It would be a great mod to have for XC. I was thinking more along the idea of "What to pack before a run" and list some items that students bring to their meets!

Dynamic Stretching for Recreational Runners

Core Strengthening Isn't Just Trendy; It's a Vital Part of Training

Are You a Bad Personal Training Client?

Plyometric training originated in the eastern bloc countries with track and field athletes in the 1920s. By the 1970s, it was used as a training method by a variety of other sports, and has become a popular part of many fitness and sport training programs used today. Plyometric training can be described as “reactive power training.” Plyometric training involves powerful muscular contractions in response to a rapid stretching of the muscle.

Want to run faster? Try this running formula called the 30-20-10 or the 10-20-30 interval training method.

Do this workout to help prevent back pain

Understanding how and why different types of exercise can benefit your body goes a long way in helping you design an effective and enjoyable workout routine.

Mental Benefits of Exercise

Knowing these 6 things before you start a new workout program will allow you to “see” what you’ve accomplished along the way which will help you stay motivated.

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{quiet workout for early in the morning or late at night so you don't disturb anyone.} Since pinning this a month ago, I've done this workout 3-4 times a week. I am now 15 pounds lighter and 1 entire inch thinner. My name is Erika and I approve this workout.


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