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rhamphotheca: the-moth-princess: Indian Tussah Silk Moth (Antheraea mylitta)

WILDLIFE, what a treasure !

WILDLIFE, what a treasure !

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Nature is full of wonderful creatures and one of them are butterflies. My garden is full of them, not so colorful and bright like these are,.

Es única!!!! - Laura Frias-Ruiz - Google+

Cracker butterflies are a neotropical group of medium-sized brush-footed butterfly species of the genus Hamadryas.

Pandorus Sphinx Moth....there was one in my garage...I would have rather seen an axe murderer in there...seriously

Pandorus Sphinx Moth- Hopefully I can find this in Alabama!

Attributes Of God On Butterfly Wings | Deep Roots at Home Anthocharis cardamines

God, in all His greatness and awesome power has made these little delicate beautiful creatures. He sure does have control over His strength! Anthocharis Cardamines Butterfly ~ by Peter Baas

Milionia basalis pyrozona...

Milionia basalis pyrozona Milionia basalis (Geometridae) is a species of moth found in Japan, N. Himalaya, Burma and Sundaland, which occurs in a number of distinct races. The brilliant colored M.