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Amazing green hair! Not sure I could ever pull off this colour (green and pale skin with freckles ?). I wonder if my red hair and some of this green would work ?

Motherfucking woodland fairy hair. If my hair weren't ready to break off in revolt from all the processing it's been through these past several months, I would SO attempt this colour.

Naturally everyone wants to wear massively poofed pigtails the size of a doorway on the sides of their heads. It's only natural.

Perfect for long, highlighted hair!

I love that it has like 3 different color highlights! LOVE the purple & red together!

oh my amazing goodness love i am so in love with this.... i cant explain with words how perfectly perfect this is to me :O

tumblr_mrt8k7QX6a1sxdnwuo1_500.jpg (500×669)

my natural color. I want it back. but when you grow out your color it looks soo bad. grrr.

Amazing purple hair! I personally would never dye my hai purple but the highlights and low lights are kinda crazy!