• kristalamb

    Geek Love by Katherine Dunn - My favourite book.

  • Alma Alexander

    A Weird Girl Reading List: Geek Love, Katherine Dunn. You can't be any more of an outsider than Olympia — the hunchback albino dwarf who isn't enough of a freak to fit into her own family, and too much of one to blend into the world outside. Freakishness is the mutated backbone of this novel, and as the characters gnaw and gnash their way across the country, things keep on getting weirder.

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Lonesome Dove....Epic.

Guess I had better get started.

TURNING INTERNATIONAL, by CATHERINE TRANSLER, about the challenges of adapting to life in adopted countries, strange lands...

Looking forward to the sequel

The Devil All the Time


The Marriage Plot: A Novel

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Fun book

11.22.63. A bit of historical fiction from Stephen King.

The Angel of Darkness. Follow up to The Alienist.

The Alienist. Fantastic novel.

The Fig Eater: A Novel

Columbine, the book

The Razor's Edge. Loved this book

On my list. The private diary of a Victorian lady.

Intriguing true story

Loved this book


Chicago World's fair meets serial killer.



Such a good book.

Super interesting! Really enjoyed this book.