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  • mcrmysa Ahmed

    It's true but it is so sad that Captain Jack Sparrow is the one I'd think about, but now, since Doctor Who has invaded my mind, Captain Jack Harkness is first thing to pop into my mind.

  • Tiana Cheyenne 💋

    First, I get confused and think they're talking about either Jack Daniels or Captain Morgan... because I am an idiot. Then I think of Jack Harkness.

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lol! ♥ well not everyone can be a smart sexy immortal man who protects earth from evil alien forces with torchwood and occasionally travels thru time and space with the doctor.

'Hi, Captain Jack Harness." "Stop it . . ." HAHAHAHAHA I laughed to hard at this

AAAWWWWW!!!!! Yay I love how Alonso is Henry Knight from BBC Sherlock Hounds of the Baskervilles

lol it would have been so funny if it really was jack in the ship, doctor who

I must say I find this quite comforting. Don't judge me.

He kept saying I'm Captain Jack ... I love William Shatner!

doctor who time warp || because captain jack harness would totally do the pelvic thrust xD

Jack Quotes by ~Aredell. Mostly from Doctor Who and not Torchwood... but still some good ones in there.

Jack Harkness couldn't be in the DotD because there isn't enough trenchcoat to contain his excitement.