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  • Megan Ryan

    Oh, Stormageddon, you're too sneaky! #drwho #doctorwho #stomageddon #sherlock #fandom #crossover #lol #funny #geek #nerd #bbc #peasants

  • Clarice Jean Daniel

    I accept this. I would also love to see an episode where The Doctor happens to run into an older Stormy to see how he turned out. That would be awesome! Cept his name is Alfie...

  • Jessica King

    Two great fandoms united - Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who. #squishable #cutengeeky

  • Caylee Hamilton

    Stormageddon--->Sherlock Dr. Who )

  • Emma

    Sherlock Hunger Games | uploaded to pinterest

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Wait a minute a sword what do I need this for?! I thought I was just looking at dead bodies not helping to kill them!

I want more male companions turning into badass characters for the next season!

BAFTA-LA (November 7, 2014) ~ At "Behind Closed Doors with Benedict Cumberbatch" interview event, his funny comments about being cast in major films WAR HORSE, TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY and in the National Theatre's production of FRANKENSTEIN by directors who hadn't seen him in SHERLOCK.

Omg Spock and the Doctor.... Wait... Doctor Spock.... DOCTOR Spock.... O.o Mind officially blown......

Lol, I would just eat all your food throw a TARDIS party, try on all your clothes, redecorate, complain about rose flirting with you, teenagers and TARDIS don't go together! haha, I'm crazy today.

You know you're a Sherlock fan when... (I have to try the Vatican Cameos thing with the safe at work. Although I strongly suspect it will not end well.)

Thomas Jefferson Who? // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

Because it doesn't need a powersource, it just needs to be wound up, and then it's self-sustaining until it winds back down again. That's freaking terrifying. Plus, clockwork is cool.

"Hi, we are the #BBC. We have 10 actors, five studios, three on-location places, and one writer." <----this!

'cause scarves and umbrellas and rainbow coats and canes and celery stalks are cool.

I'm fairly certain he could have said fangirl and the monk would have done the same thing.

Don't mess with John Watson, MD!