Angel Baby Memorial Tattoos - BabyCenter

Angel Baby Memorial Tattoos

Angel Baby Memorial Tattoos - BabyCenter --- I love this idead for the tattoo for Kaelyn. I have a stamps of her feet. I would love it if someone could re-create her feet perfectly. This is so sad and beautiful.

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always together, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart. I like the saying and infinity sign but not the bird thing under it. Small loving this one omg!-em Love this quote!

Miscarriage memorial tattoo. I'm not sure if I would get one, but if I did, this would be it. Two little sets of footprints in remembrance of my babies in heaven. Most likely dates beside them.

Footsteps tattoo memory miscarriage I'm not into tattoos, but this is sweet. A pain that you nvr really get over.


I may do this tattoo sans words & feet. Also, incorporate the ED recovery symbol and colors of recovery (purple) and survivors (blue & teal).

Baby Name Tattoos by carmen

Baby Name Tattoos. Maybe with both the boys names instead of the date and weight.