Quotes & Pics | We believe in each other and that's what makes us sisters

Sigma Kappa Cooler

Just for the short time I have been a part of Alpha Chi omega , I already know it will be a part of me for life<3 I love my sisters.

I wear my letters on my front because my sisters have my back. #deltazeta #dz #sorority #craft

If that 's not reason to join a #sorority I don't know what is. #GoGreek

So True <3

Little Sister Perfection <3 Big!

tri sigma | sorority sugar

This is what a big sister should be.

Sigma Tri

SK <3

We believe in each other... Tri Sigma


#Sorority #Craft #Greek #Gift #DIY #big also for my future big

love my sisters <3

Made this for my little! I can finally post pictures of my crafts now :3 | tri sigma | sorority crafts

love! I want a shirt that says this! <3

Jesi Parker, a Tri Sigma, has this DARLING print for sale on ETSY. We're so in love with it. The perfect Sigma Valentine! $24

sweet home tri sigma <3

Pi Phi Big/Little reveal "Here's to you, here's to me, Big and Little we'll always be!" #piphi #pibetaphi