Cheddar Apple Pie Lighten Up! Replace the filling's granulated sugar with 1/4 cup brown sugar and 2 tablespoons honey, and sub in low-fat Cheddar. Total savings? 72 calories and 8 grams of fat per serving. #apple #applepie #thanksgiving #foodiefiles Pin it to Save it!

Cheddar Apple Pie - yep. Cheddar in my apple pie!

Apple Hand Pies with Cheddar Crust

Today we have this epic Brown Butter Apple Pie with a Cheddar Crust just in time for Thanksgiving. We like to use both golden delicious and granny smith because using just granny smith makes the pie a bit too tart for our taste and we don’t really like to add so much more sugar to balance it. We also like to cut our apple slices on the thinner side because we think they cook better...KEEP READING!

Brown Butter Apple Pie with a Cheddar Crust - I don't get the apple pie with cheese thing, but this look super tasty

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Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese Crust

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Last weekend, I took a pie 101 class at Sur la Table with Sylvia from the Sargento team. She came all the way from Chicago to help me explore my assigned flavor trends, desserts using herbs and habanero peppers. We had a great dinner [...]

Apple Cobbler with Cheddar Biscuits

Pear-Rosemary Pie with Cheddar Crust

Grilled Apple, Bacon and Cheddar Sandwich with Roasted Red Onion Mayo

Apple Pie & Cheddar. Nothing beats a slice of fresh apple pie! Our simple apple pie recipe features the sharp, nutty flavor of one of our most popular cheddar cheeses—our Cabot Sharp Cheddar—along with sweetly decadent Gala or Cortland apples. This is one pie recipe that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

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American Pie.

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