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I love doing this. I get sucked into good books so much! My last one I did this with was Ready Player One. So good

"My poor, innocent sweetie pie," I whisper to the 50+ year old man on a TV show who has a habit of killing people and is an imp" <----yepppp pretty much. This post literally sums up my life.

It'd depend on which favorite character. The doctor or Sherlock, my heart would probably give out from all the running. Mr. Darcy, I might swoon myself into a coma. Loki, I'd definitely die at some point, it'd just be a question of how and at whose hands. And so on and so forth ;P

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Warning, Fangirl. | Women's T-Shirt

Warning, Fangirl. SO true!


Disappointments in life…

Ugh don't u know? The ministry of magic lost the muggles letters! Duh

Haha. So true. But that's why I have @Stephanie Perez I shall make her read alllll the books!

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The truth

Sounds fun... my biggest fandoms are Star Wars, Marvel, and Supernatural, but I'm pretty knowledgeable about some others as well.