Now you can easily enjoy warm, hearty lunches without leaving your desk! The Crock-Pot® Lunch Crock® Food Warmer is available in trendy colors, like teal & lime. Get yours today. #CrockPot #SlowCooker #LunchCrock

Want- Crock-Pot® Lunch Crock® Warmer -- now you can enjoy your delicious slow cooked meals at work! Put your meal in the Crock-Pot® Lunch Crock® Warmer and you'll have the best lunch around. #CrockPot #LunchCrock #SlowCooker

Pocket this smartphone/tablet printer to share photos without cords, toner, or even the Internet. - Hammacher Schlemmer

I need this to keep my ice cream safe from my sleep eating husband.

Basic shelter that fits in your pocket. It self inflates from body heat or the heat of the sun. Wow this is cool.

Instantly equips your vehicle with two AC outlets and a USB charging port. NEED THIS!

No bugs in my drink

Crock-Pot® Lunch Crock: Hot lunch at your desk! Warm up your food gently and slowly at your desk and enjoy the comfort of amazing 'home cooked' meals at work. Easily transport food to and from home with the removable, dishwasher safe food container which has a lid and a handle and leave the heating base at the office. 20 oz capacity. Available in a variety of colors. #Lunch_Crockpot

Celery & Dip to Go - Food Storage - Storage & Holders - Miles Kimball

Nurses, do you love this or what?! Cool Bento Box

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles Foot Warmers with Wireless Remote Control. I so need these.

Lunch pot

A Heated Butter Knife

get well soon. such a cute idea

Disinfecting Dishwasher Light | 24 Household Items You Won't Believe You Don't Own Yet

Food Huggers create a tight seal by wrapping around your leftover fruits and veggies. Fit your half-cut fruit or veggie into the closest size to save for later. Food Huggers also work over jars and small containers to keep contents fresh.

Drink Tower ~ Fill the inside tube with ice and the outer tube with 128 ounces of your favorite beverage, from beer to margaritas, sodas to lemonade.

interesting storage - in the pantry/on the pantry doors?

Make your own cookbook - add your own family photos and recipes. Give to your children when they move out of the house or get married. Love this idea!!!! Now to start cooking....