• Suzie English

    Classroom Freebies: Clock Partners

  • Jen Baumgarten

    Clock Partners chart

  • Denise Hershberger

    Clock partners- great classroom management tool! I'm posting this for my teacher friends because it really does work VERY well in the classroom for partner work! @Suzanne, with a Z Axe @Andrea / FICTILIS Foxworthy @J S @Katie Schmeltzer Shorma @Rachael McGuire @Sarah Chintomby Sanchez

  • Susan Haney

    Clock Partners and Clock Clip Art | Tales from Outside the Classroom: Clock Partners and Clock Clip Art

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Love this for a bulletin board backdrop. Maybe a picture of each child on the first day of school inside the circles. Or a short piece of writing, cut into a circle. I do have a bit of a tree obsession when it comes to bulletin boards/wall art! And if it's 60's folk art, that's even better.

Monster themed bulletin board... Taking a bite out of

Student-led reading groups in an upper elementary classroom. This contains a self-assessment piece (FREEBIE!)

GoNoodle...Brilliant Brain Breaks for the Busy Classroom. Our class BEGS for this multiple times each day! We make them a deal...Quiet, focused workers get to Go Noodle! #workseverytime #classmanagement

Looking for a list of great books for your Kindergartner to read? Here is a FREE Printable list of books for Kindergarten kids to read themselves from 123 H

Back to school: Use memes for your class rules and expectations. #bts14 #education

I love this idea!!!

Neat idea for students to make to describe themselves/ their daily lives, and then use as plan/ map for writing activities! ....Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

I just died a little and went to teacher heaven. The website it links to is AH-MAH-ZING!

Countdown to Summer

ha ha love this and need it for one of my classes where the definition of talking seems to be confused...

Teach Junkie - 42 Free Fonts for Teachers {Goodie Bag}

Great for students with dyslexia - ​​Hairy Phonics offers fun, animated lessons and games based on Orton-Gillingham principles that reviews sight words, explains how to blend individual sounds into a whole word and teaches how to break apart whole words into separate sound chunks. Over 50 animations assist students in learning all the major phonemes! Your children will finally have fun while learning the needed skills to be strong readers! $

Haha! This is what Harry Wong was talking about right?! Teacher humor...

"But I wasn't talking!" "Oh yes, yes, you were." Teacher's Definition of "TALKING (verb): Your mouth is moving and there is any kind of sound coming out. This includes talking to yourself, talking to somebody else, whispering, singing, or sound effects." YES.

Hands-on Printables for any Word List Clever Classroom

Teach ow words, oi and oy words, and many more phonics patterns with these free printable phonics books!

Construction Theme Readers boards

construction books

use a tension rod, command hooks, and binder rings to hang your anchor charts

27 things to do with students who don't pay attention // a lot of these will work for homeschoolers as well!

FRIEND-used this acronym/idea when teaching activity day girls..worked well, good discussion

Links to 10 FREE Dr. Seuss fonts perfect for any Dr. Seuss project, craft, printable, birthday party, baby shower, or school classroom. #drseuss #fonts

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Hats - Cut school blue butcher paper into strips, fold in half lengthwise and draw a line to show how far you should cut. A couple of staples will hold the two halves steady and makes it easier for little fingers to cut. They cut on the open side and the folded side becomes the bottom of the hat.

Google Docs CHEAT SHEET | This Google Docs Cheat Sheet will give teachers and students an overview of the NEW Docs Home Screen, as well as a good overview of the available features in the menu and toolbar.