Cake / Stephanie Shih

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Birthday Cake

fall chocolate cake


Food photography and styling : Meat

Double Chocolate Espresso Cake / Stephanie Shih #recipe #cake # {so beautiful! click the link for the recipe}

Jasmine Cake / Yue Cheong

Smores..with a twist. Raspberries!

Charlotte aux framboises

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Honey Citrus Cake via Bakers Royale

omg that cake...

birthday chocolate cake

Chocolate peppermint cake holiday dessert

Dark chocolate and raspberry cake.

*That* Chocolate Cake

orange-olive oil and chocolate cake

homemade cake with strawberries

Desserts for Breakfast: Current Food Photography Styles and Trends: A Cake Case Study

Blue chocolate cake by junglefrog-cooking #Blue_Chocolate_Cake #Chocolate_Cake #junglefrog_cooking

Grapefruit Raspberry Flourless Cake / Stephanie Shih