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  • Becky Aylsworth

    head's up 7up! I have been known to play this with my kids! But don't peek!!

  • Shay

    Heads-Up 7-Up - the go-to rainy day indoor recess game!

  • Danielle Bockus

    Heads up 7 up. This game is still played in schools... my kids love it when I bring old school back!

  • Desiree Dean

    Heads Up Seven Up. Best rainy day game ever! Haven't played this game since elementary school! Just brought back so many memories!

  • Jessica Huynh

    the game to play on rainy days!

  • Jennifer Dorgan

    head's up 7up! I so remember this lol

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Head's Up, 7-Up. loved this game

Mushroom Head. Look where He has brought us from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbie doll head (my brother shaved her head)

Vintage Mr. Potato Head from the 1960s. - I had the 80's version but I loved my Mr. Potato Head! In my opinion much cooler than the current one.

My all-time favorite childhood toy was the Barbie Beauty Center. It looks pretty creepy to me now though.

School Safety Patrol - LOL, I forgot about this. It was a badge of honor to be chosen to wear the belt

Remember just going "Out to Play" with your friends? We played all of these games. Playstation, IPods, electronic gadgets?? Not in the 60's and 70's. We ran our butts off all day long!

We actually wore scarves a great deal of the time not only on a windy day, but to cover up curlers and pincurls during the daytime.

This was an "indoor recess" game in grade school.