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Great idea for creating jewelry with old watches. | want to make my grandmothers watch into a necklace like this.

Connecting old watches to create a bracelet. Have one and recieved alot of compliments, people are curious!

Tube bead and glass bead (or any bead) will create this scalloped effect

Vertebrae Weave...spectacular. I envision these in niobium for cool color blending. By Monster Maille.

Watch face bracelet. I think it would be fun to set all the different faces to different time zones.

TO DO: Create some button bracelets from my huge stash!

I don't normally wear a lot of jewelry, but I would wear this bracelet all the time!

Ideas for creating designs on a surface using cold connections - this has many on a bracelet by Lisa Colby

Love maps? Love travel? Want to show case where you've been in a unique way? Make your own personalized bracelet or necklace showcasing the places you've seen!