Bubbled-Eyed Goldfish! I used to have one of these in my aquarium! They're awesome

Mexican Walking Fish

fish can be cute right?

a kind of

''strange fish''. deep sea fish.

Blue Parrotfish (Scarus coeruleus) - it doesn't look real, but it is! (brief video attached)

Translucent fish! (I think they are freshwater fish.)


This gelatinous deep water fish has a face that only its mother would love (although those who truly admire Nature’s boundless and sometimes macabre creativity will certainly appreciate it too). Found in the oceans surrounding Australia and Tasmania, the blobfish leads a rather passive life, feeding on whatever piece of detritus floats within its reach.

Three spot dascyllus fish

Purple Beta Fish- for real? i want one

Strange deep-sea fish - mysterious messenger in the dark world (23

Had some of these oscars when I was growing up. My dad a white one and a black one in his tank. They definitely have a big personality.

Synchiropus splendidus Love this fish, they do well in a Salt Water Setup!


Striped Pleco .. Fresh Water Fish

fish are a great first pet, little care is needed, but fish are beautiful decorations to your home. try experimenting with different plants, fish species and colors in your fish tank.

The puffer fish - one of H's favourites