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Blue and Nude nails. Sort of a twist on a French manicure.

Need to find a dupe for this!! Nars Kutki!

Loose silver holographic glitter over wet nail polish (Claudia Cosmetics Glistening Snow) from the tip to the center of the nail & charcoal loose holographic glitter from the center down to the finger. To make a soft gradient mix both glitters & sprinkled the "mixture" over the middle of the nail and seal everything with 3 coats of OPI Top Coat. A perfect New Year's Eve manicure.

#pintowin #ghdpastels

Tie dye nails!


Crazy inspired by the 90's Trolls - Aaron used to collect these little guys back when we were dating! Haha!

Fun stripes

Black nails w/ glitter tips



Mumbling Silver and Gold Holographic Glitter Nail Polish 15ml(.5oz)

nail art

blue nails

Christmas Nails

Have you ever tried this? Eyeshadow + clear polish = MATTE POLISH!

✿ Madeline Poole Nails ✿

Pearls are not only beautiful, but the colors are also incredibly inspiring. The hints of pink and green. The almost holographic effect. We’re getting giddy just thinking about it! But no matter how much we’re hypnotized by its appearance, we can’t justify wearing 30 bangles of nacre to get our fix. Instead, we’re taking our shiny affection to our tips and sharing a mother of pearl manicure with all of you.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Color Rolling In The Deep

What's black, white and red all over? Serious nail art from Madeline Poole!