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(2) Kate Jensen / Pinterest

Weeping Angel costume (just needs the face or mask of weeping angel face)

This is how I feel about our christmas decorations this year! I had no idea how many angels my mom puts out during the holidays!

  • Evie Burger

    Why?? Now i am scared of: Angels, darkness, gas masks, the word "mummy", etc.

How to Make a Weeping Angel Barbie (link in comments) - I NEED to do this for Halloween!!

Doctor Who: Weeping Angel

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Weeping Angel - absolutely my favorite villain species and creature concept on Dr. Who. "Don't Blink!"

Thank you Dr. Who for making me terrified of angel statues. Can never look at them again!

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weeping angels - Google Search

Oh those weeping angels.

Someone made this weeping angel costume for a contest. If I saw it, I swear I might just pee my pants and pray I didn't blink doing it ...

A gift of international friendship... Pffffft I don't think so!

  • Amber Lang

    i definitely feel that the writers saw this...

  • Gabby Heisig

    the statue is a weeping angel according the the angels in manhattan episode of doctor who

  • Christina Kohl

    but i never understood how it was able to move. new york is the city that never sleeps and i'm sure the statue of liberty has some light shone on itself XD

Here we go - the Weeping Angels costuming tutorial! I think that this blog entry took me more time and brainpower to write, than anything else on the site... yikes! LOL. Please be sure to share this one far and wide! :) Please and thank you!