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    How to Make Lavender Oil at Home

    by Pragya T
    Did you know that lavender oil was used to dress wounds during the First World War because it was low on antiseptics? This oil is not just used for aromatherapy but for various healing purposes as well. So, why not make your own lavender oil at home and enjoy its benefits.
    • Patsy Kitts

      How to Make Lavender Oil at Home. This recipe calls for "carrier oil", the most popular ones are sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil.

    • Katharine Brown

      How to Make Lavender Oil at Home see it's not hard at all :-) you use the same principle for making most herbal oils.. we can do this!

    • Wildtree with Ashley

      How to Make Lavender Oil at Home ********Actually this is Lavender INFUSED oil, not real Lavender Essential Oil, you don't want the carrier oil to get too hot bc It can ruin the properties in Lavender, It's best to skip the warming process, add a tsp of vodka to the carrier oil, place the jar in the sun for two days then in a cool, dark place for the rest of the month, shake twice a day, double strain w/ cheesecloth when done.

    • Jamie Smith

      It is not possible to make lavender essential oil at home. However, the process of making infused lavender oil is fairly easy. You need: One big bottle of carrier oil (jojoba/almond). Bunch of lavender flowers. A small glass jar. Rubber band. Plastic cling film. Strainer. Saucepan. Spoon. Fill a glass jar with dried lavender flowers. Slightly warm the oil and fill in the jar cracks. Secure the top with cling wrap. Store in cool dark place for a month. Shake every day. Press flowers. Strain.

    • Kristin Lizza

      How to Make Lavender Oil at Home. I should like to plant lavender in my flower garden this spring.

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