no shame ;)


...Ohh Pinterest:)


Pinterest could teach me how to build...

too funny...

yin yang

I promise to keep my mouth shut!!

The Inner Monologue of a Pinner: "I want to sew!" "No, I want to workout." "Wait, is that a mason jar?" "Oh f*ck it, now I want cake."

Unfortunate Mugshot Shirts... This is so funny!

Hey girl, I'm thinking mason jars with wildflowers. And twins. - Ryan Gosling // Oh Ryan. You're so down to Earth!


'This Wine Pairs Well With Turkey and Difficult Relatives' LOL


pinterest = friends

Lord Disick.

Thanks Pinterest :)

halle-freaking-lujah Lauren Conrad, this is amazing I wish all roommates would read it.

Makes me wonder how expensive his tickets were that replacing a spare tire was the cheaper way to go!

all you need is ... pinterest!