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Teaching The Importance of Teeth Health - Here is a great objective lesson teaching preschool and early elementary education aged children about the importance of teeth health! Need to remember this in February for dental health week


Happy tooth, Sad tooth collage. Great for Dental Health Month in February, as part of a Healthy Me theme.

I Can Teach My Child!from I Can Teach My Child!

Show-and-Share Saturday: Printable Dental Health Unit

Classroom Dental Ideas

green eggs for Seuss day--vanilla pudding with green food color, Nilla wafer as yolk. need to remember this!


We also took inspiration from the book Andrew's Loose Tooth and wrote our own loose tooth stories! We included sound effects and vivid vocabulary!


KMG-This is a great charting activity with plants and can be used toward the end of the lesson to ensure that the students understand the lesson. The parts of the plant and what the plants give are more complex complex concepts for kindergarten, but it is still okay to introduce and teach it. I just will not require reciprocation of the information in order to achieve mastery.