Rainbow Eucalyptus trees on Maui, Hawaii The phenomenon is caused by patches of bark peeling off at various times and the colors are indicators of age. A newly shed outer bark reveals bright greens which darken over time into blues and purples and then orange and red tones.

✔️✔️ - Rainbow eucalyptus on the Road to Hana - Maui, Hawaii. Yes they really are that colourful...

bark from a rainbow eucalyptus tree. Just saw these on the road to Hana. Maui.

Monkey Orchid | See More Pictures |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Lightning Strike

Monkey Puzzle Tree, Bergen, Norway, LOVE monkey puzzle trees! if I ever move south or to the west coast I will have one!

A waterfall under water - WTF fun facts

Beira Litoral, Portugal

Bucket list! Giethoorn, Netherlands: The village with no roads. You take a boat to go to different places.

Each spring, a peaceful street, in the German city of Bonn, transforms into an enchanting cherry blossom tunnel.

Fire in the Woods

Rainbow River

Maui Along The Hana Highway In The Bamboo Forest. Photo by Kevin McNeal.

Morning Glory Rainbow Pool, Yellowstone National Park, USA Our Marketing Director has just added diving here to her bucket list. Who wants to join her?

This is one of the best parts of fall to me, the artwork that nature puts on display. I love a good snow, but nothing beats the beautiful colors the leaves turn during fall. #Fall4Mohawk

A Banyan tree, one of the most brethtaking tree you will ever see.

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Top 10 experiences on Hawaii's Big Island - Lonely Planet

The Coolest Kayak You've Ever Seen - would love to have this Kayak but likely a better thing to rent while in the tropics - not much to see in murky mid-atlantic waters