• Kel S

    Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration - Quotes & Sayings | "The less you give a damn the happier you will be" Exactly.....I don't give a damn when it comes to other people's thoughts of me as they'lI think and judge no matter what. I refuse to have certain people bring me down to their level. Took those individual out of our lives and now it's so much more calmer and less drama!

  • Beth Hall

    "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." I have learned to live this quote. There's always going to be jealous people, always going to be haters, always going to be bitter people, I've learned to pray for them, as difficult as that can be sometimes, and move on. I need to remember ultimately their actions are proof that whether they admit to themselves or not- they are not happy people. So I pray for their happiness. AMEN!!

  • teresa anderson

    Oh, I need to remember this, lol!! Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

  • Shannon Tylen

    Life motto, words to live by.

  • Rachel Herman

    the less you give a damn the happier you are. life quotes love lessons truths words life sayings happier let go

  • Elizabeth Stanley

    So true!!!!! I'm the happiest I've been since the day my daughter was born!!! People need to realize this more and leave my life ALONE! Or else you won't see such a happy person and you'll know it this time!! BACK OFF IVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR STUPID CHILDISH SH**!! You nor ANYONE else do NOT know ANYTHING about my life!!! THIS is what makes me mad when someone assumes something and doesn't know a damn about it!!! You've been warned, final time!

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