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Ouch! And then you get sick of it so you put in your contacts but they dry out too quickly from reading.

If there is moisture in the air, there is already no hope for my hair. The textbooks still have a chance!

Nerd Girl Problem #4: British men ruin all chances of finding a suitable boyfriend

Nerd Girl Problem 167 - How Short Your Contact List Is And Half Of Them Are Family Members.

Nerd Girl Problem 343 - Deep Down In Your Heart You Believe That One Day You Will Get Super Powers.

Nerd Girl Problem 293 - When You Love A Song So Much, You Want To Examine The Metaphorical Meaning.

A very potter musical.... I know the feeling.

When you talk or laugh at your computer without realizing that there are people watching.

It was on his holiday list the last 2 years...

Absolutely. This is why I have a porch. And a giant comfy reading chair in my room.