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  • Hillary Anderson

    nerd girl problems si although I might be getting a nook I'll still read books by hand

  • Gina Conkle, Author

    I was just telling my husband this the other day~how I love the feel of a book in my hands and the smell of a new book! Ok, I confess...I have a NOOK. But, yes I LOVE the feel of a book the best.

  • Bailey Cox

    Nerd girl problems. True story brah.

  • Amber Dear

    So true, I will most likely never own a kindle or nook! I like the real thing!

  • Asia I.


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I have this problem CONSTANTLY. One reason I like Anita Blake. 20-something books and still going strong.

ditto for comic book movies, reboots, and tv shows into movies. (excludes all work of Joss Wedon)

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