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The Pagan Origins of Christmas Decorations

*Magical Recipes Online* Your free online Magazine on Witchcraft, Occultism & Ancient Recipes: Yule ~ Winter Solstice ~ Midwinter Spells: a Succe.

"A sense of disorientation and chaos is always there when you are about to make a new start. Truly new beginnings are always preceded by a period of chaos and crisis. The new cannot enter before the old falls apart."

Haunted Herkimer Diamond Stone Silver Pendant, Very Rare Ancient Female Fire Fairy Djinn by AuroraCelestial on Etsy

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10 Maneiras de Usar Chapéu

The Leigh dress is sexy and sophisticated. You will feel like a Grecian goddess wearing this beautiful dress.

The plan of Salvation. You start at the left top: Premortal life; Jesus Christ came down and created earth. Then write atonement and emphasize that the rest of the plan couldn't happen without it; we would be stuck at death. You'll notice that death goes down, then resurrection goes up. (if you want, you could add spirit world at the bottom of the V) Look at the plan in my picture; you've probably noticed that it spells "LOVE". Heavenly Father created His plan because He loves us.

Clever illustration of the plan of salvation (if you want, you could add spirit world at the bottom of the V) Heavenly Father created His plan because He loves us.



Gif.... I send you my ever lasting love son, my child.⭐️ 24.4.2015. https://dborck.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/love-books/

Love Books!

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A funeral should be a celebration of life, this is beautiful. A Japanese Ad Agency Reinvents Advertising for Funeral Services Japan flowers death bones anatomy advertising

The spirit of the trees…and Hooray! my daughter is a wonderful wood carver.....

The spirit of the trees…