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This woman is my hair inspiration. I am SO bleaching my hair and dying it rainbow. tomorrow.

pink and purple. when im old this is what my hair will look like!! or just lavender

aviators. ombré side braid. pink lip. gold accessory. black top. my style in a nutshell.

So punk, but super cute. Probably even more cute cuz of her freckles! ♥

to me this seems very feminine and girly really like not for me personally but still quite beautiful

Hmmmmmm..... I realllyyyyy like the ration of color.

Call me crazy but I sort of want purple streaks in my hair like this...FUN! And just temporarily ;)

black and blue hair color aww I had it like that for a long time xD but that was on high school.., kind of old now

again, not tattoo-related, but exploring hair options!