Winchester **-**


Henry 45-70 Of which I am the proud owner

Bounty Hunter Winchester Rifle

Beretta M9 semi-automatic pistol and hand grenades

Marlin 336 Rifle

FNP-45 Tactical //

Hunting rifles

Mosan Nagant ... nice

In the 1958 TV show “Wanted: Dead or Alive,” Steve McQueen carried this shortened Model 1892 Carbine, manufactured by Winchester Repeating A...

The British Lee-Enfield Mk 3 rifle in .303 cal

Snipers choice 4

L42A1 Enfield sniper rifle (Britain)

1873 winchester rifle chart

Genuine Colt Six Shooters**-**


Winchester 1873 - lever action rifle, a significant improvement over existing lever guns, but marketing was key. Chambered for the same cartridges that fit the popular 1873 Peacemaker revolver, frontier “logistics” were solved. It was a favorite with Texas Rangers, and became known as “The Gun That Won The West”.


Luger P08