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No outfit was complete in the 80s until you put on your pantyhose. I'll admit, this is one #80s fashion trend I'm happy to see go. www.liketotally80...

Brawny paper towels (1985)

Lee Press On Nails - "Press On"!!!

Arghh, the paper clip

Vintage Hi Ho Cherry O Board Game c. 1960 - Complete Children's Game - Retro Toy. $22.00, via Etsy.

rainbow of 80s toys

Remember Brach's Pick-A-Mix? This was the best part about going to the grocery store as a kid.

Vintage 1983 My Little Pony Show Stable. I almost want to buy this!! I remember playing with this set for hours!!

toys 70s 80s | Growing up in the 60s, 70s, and 80s / Vintage toy spring horse Wonder ...

1989-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P253 by Wishbook, via Flickr - none of the dolls, but I had the shoppe

Peppermint Spangles advertisement. by totallymystified, via Flickr

We had Poochie stuff. So cute! She was kind of like the Hello Kitty for canines.

1980 Presto PopCornNow Popcorn Maker Ad - Best Pops, to view Presto's Popcorn Poppers from today: www.pressurecooke...

Excedrin: I had a headache THIS big… (1985)

Nabisco 1980s oreo Christmas Commercial

Small Wonder TV show - Dear 1980's television, it is your fault I am the way I am.

90s girl toys | gave girls really unrealistic expectations about horses

Butterfly Ring from Avon. I had this. My grandma always ordered from Avon!

colorful spokes - if your bike went "click, click, click" as you rode it, you were cool :)

SPRINKLES AND PUFFBALLS: 1980s Makeup and Beauty

Aw, I had this. I can almost picture the makeup it had inside...

I thought I was so grown up when I started wearing this -Youth Dew de Estée Lauder.