fun ideas of things you can mail without packaging!

21 Things You’d Be Surprised You Can Actually Mail #mail #gifts #penpals

13 Things You Never Thought You Could Mail

This whole blog is crazy things you can send in the mail!

Cute idea for toddler gift. This is a recycled plastic cheese balls container that she actually uses to mail with (see-thru mail). funny blogger: older and wisor

Such a fun idea! How are you asking your friends to be your #bridesmaids? #weddinginspirations

This woman has amazing ideas for things you can mail just by sticking on a label and some stamps - no packaging! Everything from lipgloss, rubber balls, old soda bottles filled with fun goodies. You name it! Who wouldn't love to get fun surprises like this in the mail? This links to her blog but you can check all the ideas out on her pinterest board too

Great idea if they do like me sometimes and don't always spend bday money on themselves;} Good for mommas:)

23 - There are lots of fun ideas for a play on words for gifts, cards, etc. Use a play on words as a title of a layout. (1 pt)

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

mail message in a bottle

Love these easy mail gift ideas.

mail someone a hug

I love the idea of mailing fun stuff off inside of a water bottle!

Missionary Mail - TONS of ideas for Missionary Care Packages!

Pin now, look later. This website has LOTS of great ideas for things to do for the man in your life (husband, boyfriend, etc.)

Cute encouraging ideas for missionaries

this site tells you random things that the post office will let you mail. so fun to do with kids for their cousins far away :)

Easy cute way to make a mailing envelope!

Vintage Text Message also known as snail mail. Or a letter. Clever!

Happy-Go-Lucky: Fun Things to Send in the Mail